Distribute Tokens with Ease using Streamflow Finance

Streamflow is a suite of products that enables organizations (and individuals) to distribute funds simply.


Streamflow Value Distribution Infographic

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Token Vesting as a service


It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with new protocols by using the testnet or devnet versions of the protocols before switching to the mainnet.

Test before you vest
Connect wallet
Switching to Devnet


For example, token allocations of the team, seed investors, and community can be locked in the vesting contract, those locked tokens are then released over time according to their token unlock schedule. Streamflow offers configurable vesting contracts with some powerful features like a cliff time release.

For instance, if you have 1000 USDT(100%) in your SPL wallet, you cannot vest all. You will have to leave 2.5 USDT(0.25%) in your wallet for charges. Therefore, your max balance for vesting will be 997.5 USDT(99.75%).

Creating a New Vesting Contract

Something I observed:

The time auto-updates on the site. Observe the gif below while also looking at the system time. Once I clicked on the start time as if I wanted to edit, it automatically moved 1–2 minutes ahead of the system time while the end time moved 5 minutes ahead of the start time.

Proof in GIF

For instance, let’s say an investor gets an allocation of 100,000 tokens from a project, now that project can decide to unlock 10,000 tokens (10%) at the token launch, and the remaining 90,000 tokens can be progressively released according to the desired time frequency. In this example, 10% was the cliff time release. Every project that launches a token, uses vesting contracts.

Setting your cliff time

N/B: Selecting neither on both will mean the sender has chosen to not have authority over the vesting contract once it is launched.

If the vesting contract unlocks 100 tokens of X every 30 seconds and the automatic withdraw is set to 1 minute, it means 200 tokens will be automatically withdrawn to the recipient wallet every 1 minute.

X = Any SPL token.

Setting automatic withdraw
Balances, Overview, and custom deals.
Status: Scheduled
Transactions on Solana Explorer
The sender’s end
The receiver’s end
Making a withdrawal from a contract. The receiver can decide to withdraw the unlocked tokens anytime.
A canceled contract


For instance, if a worker's monthly salary is 400 SOL, you can create a payroll stream to release 400 SOL at the end of the month by setting the release frequency to one month and the release amount to 400 SOL. Another way to go around it is to proportionally break down the total salary amount into smaller amounts and release that in smaller time units. For example, setting a release frequency of 1 week and release amount to 100 SOL.

Creating a new stream
Changes in Actions
Topping up 200 USDC
Adjustment in Time


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For instance, inputting the contract title ‘Vesting Contract for creating detailed documentation on Streamflow’. If I am creating the contract at night(i.e. 10 PM), the person will likely start creating the documentation in the morning(i.e. 8 AM) and it might take at least a week to create detailed documentation. Therefore, artificial intelligence automatically fixes time. The barrier to implementing this is if the sender and receiver are in different parts of the world with different time zones.

AUTO: Have a light theme during the day and dark them at night.
Failed to create a contract


Proof of discussion


Home page vs New stream section on phantom mobile wallet


MeanFi money streaming app

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